FreshBooks Integration

FreshBooks started with being primarily an invoicing program but has over the years developed into much more. They recently rolled out a program to team up with accountants and have stepped up their feature set. It seems that the type of businesses that are a great fit for FreshBooks are also an ideal target audience for Tax Planner Pro. I find the support and listening to user needs to be much better than what I have found when using Xero. While I have to agree that QuickBooks Online is top notch and the one to beat, I think FreshBooks in many ways is better then Xero.

If possible, would you consider FreshBooks integration for Tax Planner Pro in the future. I think it would be a great value add for my clients using FreshBooks and who do not want to switch to QB or Xero for whatever reason.


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About 2 months ago


Kyle Pace

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